Download Kaligrafi Karya Kaligrafer Kristen #Repost @showcasegallery with @make_repost ・・・ We are extremely excited to annou…-Wissam

Download Kaligrafi Karya Kaligrafer Kristen -Wissam Syaukat
#Repost @showcasegallery with @make_repost
We are extremely excited to annou…

#Repost @showcasegallery with @make_repost
We are extremely excited to announce that on Friday 2nd April 2021 we will be hosting one of the worlds most exciting, respected and established calligraphers, @wissamshawkat for a show that provides an incredible showcase of his calligraphic journey to date.

His work will be displayed in chronological format, offering the viewer an insight into the evolution of style and interpretation of letter forms over 35 years of pushing boundaries, redefining categories and reflecting contemporary art genres.

We have engaged technology partners @kraftwerkuae to further enhance the show with cutting edge display technology, including Polygonal Mapping, High Definition Projection, Sliding Screen Animations and Flyvision.

This is not to be missed. Launching on Friday with the artist in attendance, the exhibition will run until Saturday 24th April.

Brand new original works, limited editions prints, exhibition posters and a special exhibition catalogue will all be available to buy, alongside unseen archive works, original sketches and as yet completely unseen new styles and formats.

The event is advance RSVP only due to current capacity limitations and available in one hour time slots from 2pm-10pm. We will be contacting all attendees prior to the event to confirm attendance.

Event information and online booking can be found in our profile link. If you have any questions, please call the gallery directly, send us a DM or send us a WhatsApp.

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We are extremely excited to annou… ,

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