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Description :
The new 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy is here and its Ahead By a Mile vs others in the midsize SUV segment. Calligraphy is now the top trim level above the limit but how do they compare? Check out the interior, exterior, and learn about the drive.

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  1. Still no power folding mirrors in the US palisade, I thought they would have included it in this trim. That's a terrible omission. Dear reviewer, your videos are great, you should have flagged this one! 😁

  2. I don’t understand why Hyundai did what they did with the Calligraphy. The 2020 Limited has the same quilted leather on the doors, same microfiber suede headliner, same perforated leather on the steering wheel, the interiors are identical. The only differences are appearance items, and include wheels that I personally don’t care for. Now they took those items away from the Limited trim and placed them in the Calligraphy. I’m glad we bought our 2020 Limited when we did. BTW, we were able to get our choice of color (rainforest) which isn’t one of the 3 color choices (black, white, and dark blue) that you are limited to in the Calligraphy.

  3. FWIW: Not completely sure Hyundai Management knows how to sell to a customer at this price point, very limited colors both interior/exterior. Zero flexibility when it comes to color selection that they already have, example we want to purchase a 2021 Calligraphy with Sierra Burgundy and Beige Nappa Leather. Nope sales team is like no can do! This is the first time we have even considered Hyundai and stopped at a dealership. Also as non-tobacco people it was a huge turn off that the sales rep and manager smelled like the inside of a ash tray. Will try another dealer Ft. Walton next weekend but we do not expect the dealer to be able to change the build "we want". Thanks for the great video.

  4. What about the reports of excessive wind and road noise on 2020 Palisades. Has this been fixed for the 2021 model year? Hope Hyundai didn't cheap out on insulation and windows.

  5. I'd rather have analog gauges or just have the digital screen between gauges like the Kia Telluride, and yes, the wheels and grill are ugly but looks are subjective so I guess enough people like 'em.

  6. The Calligraphy model represents a re-jiggering of the Palisade lineup that enables Hyundai to charge a bit more for a high end version of the vehicle. It's worth noting that unlike the Telluride the Palisade is Hyundai's entry in the international market. (For example, it's sold in much of Asia and Europe while the Telluride is available almost exclusively in North America.) As such, the Palisade competes directly with European luxury brands in those markets while the Telluride's main competition is in the mainstream midsize 3 row category in the US. Creating a new top trim that's still far less expensive than the Palisade's main competition in Asia and Europe is the main mission of the Calligraphy trim level.

  7. Very cool! Question: what is the towing capacity, and is it set up for towing? Hitch, plug in, and radiator add on? Also what are the optional colors? What is the warranty?

  8. The Palisade Limited has the exact same dimpled leather steering wheel, quilted (diamond stitched) perforated door panels, and micro suede headliner. Those items not unique to the Calligraphy.

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