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Description :
When I started out with calligraphy… there wasn’t all the information there is online now. In this video, I’m going to share the 5 things I wish I knew when I started learning calligraphy.

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You’ll learn:

✔️What tools you need when getting started
✔️Why your handwriting doesn’t matter
✔️That the basics really matter


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Welcome to my channel! I’m Becca and I do & teach modern calligraphy. On this channel, you’ll find all my most requested modern calligraphy tutorials, tips & tricks!.

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  1. Mam, you are my first ever calligraphy teacher I'm doing calligraphy for a few months, and I'm already doing really good all because of your videos, thanks a lot Becca mam

  2. Point number four is so important. People who share videos online of lettering make it look so effortless, so when I started lettering, I thought I'd be good to go after one page of practice. That's not actually the way it went!

  3. I have joined that group as "Rashmi Bharthuar"(my mother's email) so in did "have you done that courses" so I did yes and no both because I have done it but with different email so please accept it!!!

  4. Blick Art Supplies store in Los Angeles is the most amazing place I have ever been too. I recommend it. Every art kind of art supplies you see on Amazon is at that store 😲😲😳🤩🤩
    Whoever said Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth has never been to that art store.

  5. Hey guys I am begginer how am I supposed to hold a pen in callighraphy should I hold it like how I would normally hold or like in a special angle please do say

  6. And, finally, I suppose what motivated me to learn calligraphy was a visit to Trinity College, Dublin, about 30 years ago, when I saw something magnificent: 'The Book of Kells', written 1,000 + years ago. O.K., maybe it's not 'calligraphy', but, my goodness, it would be good to produce something as awe-inspiring as that….

  7. Suberb. {Greetings from the UK}. You are as good as – probably better – than all the teachers I've ever had. A couple of weeks ago I spent a lot {for me} of money on buying everything I could on calligraphy. I was convinced that I would become an 'expert' calligrapher within a few days. How wrong {and, arrogant [?]} I was. Past sporting, and, academic/work experiences were, and, are, 100% irrelevant. You've taught me, in this one video, out of about the 50 I've watched, that the 'keywords' are basics, basics, basics; and, practice, practice, practice. Thank You, so much. You've taught me 'humility', also! One is never too old to learn {I'm 67!}.

  8. Hi 👋 Becca
    The second most thing you have said that writing doesn't matter and when you were in school your handwriting keeps changing in week actually I also do the same my writing also changes not by week by day at the first place.

  9. My handwriting suuuucked before I started calligraphy. It has improved my normal handwriting a bit, probably from practising the basics!

  10. Becca, you are awesome, inside and out! Confession: I tried calligraphy (your basic course), but my nature is too impatient to perfect anything. However, that does not stop me from trying it again and again, when the bad memories fade 😉 Stay as beautiful as you are!

  11. Wonderful.. The story of yours and mine is very similar.I don't have a permanent handwriting, I do imitate the style of others and that's how today I watch this video thinking I could learn calligraphy very easy..

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