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Description :
Hello everyone! Made a quick video of a few warm up drills that I do before I start doing any calligraphy. Hope you all enjoy! More videos coming up soon when I get my new microphone so you call can hear everything 1000x’s better!!!
Calligraphy pens I use:
1. One of my first fountain pens-
2. My every day important paper signing pen –
3. My everyday writing pen:
4. Super flexible Music Nib! One of my favorites –
5. My second favorite blue ink –
6. My favorite Ink brand that I use in 80% of my pens:
7. 2018 Ink of the year and my favorite green ink:
8. Super fancy/shmancy ink bottle to collect:
9. CHEAP flex fountain pen:
10. Another cheap every day writing option pen:
Wax Stamp:
1. Harry Potter Wax Stamp:
2. Hogwarts Wax Stamp:
3. Multi-color Wax sticks:
4. Multi-color wax cubes:
GOLD Series:
1. Super Cheap fancy Calligraphy Pen Set:
2. Extra/spare nibs:
3. GOLD Ink I use!!!!!!
4. Gold Wax for Wax Stamps:
1. My favorite/most used:
2. The paper I practice on:
3. My everyday paper!
My gadgets:
1. My camera:
2. Camera holder table clamp:
3. Camera tripod: My favorite and super cheap!
More videos at:
1. Facebook:
2. Instagram:…

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  1. Curious what pen this is. Looks like a waterman 52 red ripple, am I right? In any regard, beautiful writing and pen.

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