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video calligraphy

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Description :
Hi there,

I am Jamila Musayeva, an international etiquette consultant and an author of the book “Etiquette: the least you need to know.”

In this video, I am sharing with you my newly discovered passion for a long-forgotten art of beautiful writing: calligraphy. Perhaps this video will get you inspired to join me in a shared love for this art form.

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  1. In algeria we start learning calligraphy at a very young age, third grade i guess in French classes, we use a feather pen or "stylo à plume" that doesn't actually have feather on top of it 😅, it's not very complicated ,because they teach us only the basics of calligraphy, or let's just say how to write in a beautiful way, i still have memories of me going back home from school with ink stains in my fingers, it feels so nostalgic, and thanks to those classes, most of us have beautiful latin hand writing, when it comes to arabic, we learn arabic calligraphy or "الخط الكوفي" in middle school, and one letter can be written in different beautiful ways, but we don't actually learn much. Such beautiful souvenirs ❤

  2. You can actually also replace the ink inside your fountain pen so if it runs out don't throw it away. Refilling the ink is very easy since you can buy cartridges or converters to use on bottled fountain pen inks. Great video!

  3. It looks like you have a kaweco sport fountain pen. You can buy replacement ink cartridges when the ink runs out. There’s also a kind of cartridge that will let you very easily refill with any fountain pen ink you like which means you can keep using the same pen forever. Those fountain pens are definitely not meant to be disposable!

  4. @ 7:40 ???????… I'm sorry, but what you called a "mechanic calligraphy pen" looks like a Kaweco Sport fountain pen!! (which is a very popular model German fountain pen) and should not be confused with the dip pen you have (looks like a Speedball holder and G nib, with india or sumi ink bottle probably?) #1. My goodness, DO NOT throw out a fountain pen when it runs out of ink! Buy another cartridge (the Kaweco Sport takes standard size cartridges) or syringe-refill the existing cartridge with more fountain pen ink. Fountain pens (and their nibs) are meant to last for generations, unlike dip nibs which are disposable/replaceable and wear out. #2. Most fountain pens do not flex (flex= nib tines spread with applied pressure for modulated line weight) like with pointed dip pens, so I'm sorry to tell you it's going to be hard to practice the types of calligraphy (Copperplate and/or Modern) you were using as example in that booklet with a normal (non-flex) fountain pen. #3. I'm glad you found calligraphy as a hobby, but………. please keep going and I hope you'll learn more as your passion grows. Some info in this video was… questionable.

  5. I would really like to practice calligraphy its such a beautiful way of writing. although i don’t know if its the same as cursive writing.. i have a bad hand writing so i hope to start practicing it one day! Ps: you are beautiful mashallah just like the meaning of your name Jamila, can i know where are u from? I’m curious because i’m Arabic & i wanna know if u are too 🥰 you also have a soft calming voice that makes me feel relaxed..please keep posting videos i love your content you deserve more views & subscribers✨💞

  6. Thank you for this video, your calm way of presenting yourself is very enjoyable.
    Do you have any tips on how to incorporate caligraphy or just personal handwritten notes in your professional life? I sometimes think about doing this, but I am afraid that it might come across as a bit cheesy.
    And just a sidenote, if you are looking for a calligraphy pen that you can carry around, the Lamy Joy could be a good option for you. The cartridges can be exchanged or you can get a converter for bottled ink.

  7. Please keep making videos! You are lovely and the content is wonderful. I know videos are a lot of work, but I believe your subscribers will find you! I have subscribed and will post your video on my social media!! XOjennyinseattle (I’m the Bookworm! ☺️)

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