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Selamat melanjutkan kegiatan anda berselancar di internet unk mencari gambar kaligrafi, jual beli online, mencari info peluang usaha, mencari baju batik, jual beli baju hamil dllThis is video new Calligraphy Inks/How to make Acrylic and Black Calligraphy Ink/Lesson 2/Islamic Calligraphy Series. you can see the video :

video tutorial kaligrafi
video calligraphy

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Description :
This Video includes “Calligraphy Inks/DIY Calligraphy Ink/DIY Acrylic Ink”
#Calligraphy #Ink #Demonstration

I have tried to demonstrate all the best calligraphy inks available in Pakistan in reasonable economical price.
Omega Drawing Ink for Rs. 100/-
Prima Drawing Ink for Rs. 99/-
Dollar Fountain Pen Ink for Rs.25/-
This video also includes:
How to create Black Calligraphy Ink at home using Black Crystal Ink?
How to create Acrylic Ink at Home?

If you want to learn Arabic Calligraphy and its materials:

Here is a playlist for all the handmade flower lovers:

Do you want to make Miniature Trees, Canvases, Easels, Milk Bottles and much more??? then here you go:

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  1. Thanks to all of you for liking and appreciating my work. I have uploaded calligraphy series for all the beginners who want to learn from basics and want to make this locked down time valuable. Must watch the series and you can send me your practice work on Instagram

  2. Assalam Alaikum Maam can you please tell me that how to prepare a dawaat for calligraphy? And from where I can buy a qalam in karachi or a bamboo stick to make a qalam?

  3. With you switching in between languages, it is extremely hard to follow what you are saying in English. You should put or add english subtitles on your bilingual videos. That why i can enjoy the video instead of trying very hard to concentrate on what you are says and not have to constantly rewind the video repeatedly. Have a good one

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