Download Video calligraphy special thuluth by most popular calligraphest khurshid gohar qalam

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video tutorial kaligrafi
video calligraphy

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Description :
In Art of Calligraphy khurshid gohar qalam is a great research scholar and most popular calligraphest in the world and many famous calligrapher learn calligraphy from khurshid gohar qalam his book are salybous of Islamic calligraphy nishq-e-gohar ,pearl of calligraphy ,wonders of calligraphy,Ijaz-e-khatati and nisab-khatati of his famous books many tv channels plays his interview and newspaper prints many articles of calligraphy of gohar qalam also they awarded president pride of performance and highest award foriegn minister of japan2005 permission to all tv channels and other channels.

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  2. I don't know about the paper, but the pen is something you make for yourself. There are very easy tutorials here on youtube, just type "how to make arabic calligraphy pen" or "how to make reed pen"…something like that.

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