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This is video new Chinese calligraphy lesson for beginners: 3 basic tools for practicing Chinese calligraphy. you can see the video :

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Description :
Chinese calligraphy ink, Chinese calligraphy brush and Chinese calligraphy paper are three basic tools of practicing Chinese calligraphy. This Chinese calligraphy video tutorial will share with you how to choose these basic tools as a beginner.

This is Lesson 2 of my Chinese calligraphy course “ Chinese calligraphy lessons for beginners”.

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Learning materials:
Just in case you don’t know how to choose materials for practicing calligraphy, I search some materials that you may need for this course. But if you live in somewhere with a China town, I’ll more suggest you to go to China town and try the texture and quality before you buy it.

1.《曹全碑》 Cao Quan Stone Tablet
I’ll highly recommend calligraphy books published by 中华书局. Because Stone Tablet rubbing is a quite skillful work, some publisher may do better than others, which will help us to learn more authentic.

2. 毛笔 Calligraphy brush
A Yellow weasel hair brush or mixture brush will be recommended for beginners.

3. 手工毛边纸
handmade Chinese calligraphy practice paper
Don’t use those paper already with patterns, instead we should make patterns by ourselves. Handmade paper is more recommendable for practicing, because we’ll write real artworks on 宣纸Xuan paper, and the texture of handmade paper is closer to Xuan paper.

4. 墨 ink
We’ll use instant ink for practicing. Some bad quality ink may be smelly, you can try to find your favorite brand, and red star is my favorite brand.

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Hope you enjoy your Calligraphy experience!

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