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video calligraphy

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Description :
Suzie experiments with Chrome and Calligraphy Pen to create an elegant Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design.

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  1. Oh Suzie, I just 💖 you!
    I can't stop watching your chrome and gel videos. My nails are short, I don't have an LED lamp, never used gel and no chrome powder.
    You've inspired me to expand my nail creations! Gel, polygel, chrome, nail forms… I can't wait to try!

  2. It's not you dear it's the pen…Calligraphy pens work best when used at a 30-40 degree angle most are made to not posit ink unless these parameters are met. Sooo it is definitely not you, it looks amazing btw lots of love ❤️

  3. I love the hearts and what you did with them It was so pretty and lacy to me. Loved it. Love watching you work. Your so calm and so soft spoken and creative to boot. thank you for many enjoyable hours.. I've never had my nails done and now I see what I was missing. pat

  4. Suzie!! I have a question. You may have answered it already but, if the gel is a no wipe system, that means there's no sticky inhibition layer right? If that's the case how does the powder stick so well or at all? I am 100% self taught so there are tricks and systems I am not familiar with, but I am so intrigued by this no wipe system!! Thank You Suzie💖

  5. Hi suzy❤❤i lov watching your work. U inspire me soooo much. Im a self taught nail technician😍

    Guys anybody out to help a girl with some nail supply donations. Im in namibia😍❤ things are a lil expensive here😢and i really am trying to keep up but 😮😮

  6. Sitting here for the past 3 hrs just watching your videos! I acutally wanted to do the dishes and then cook something. Welp. Guess not. Instead I painted my toenails while watching your videos and now I'm just waiting for the polish to dry. Absolutely love your videos and the way how you present your amazing Nail-Art! And I just love love LOVE the way how you and your Cameraman-Husband interact with each other! ♥ Even though he's never seen but heared, everyone can the bond of love between you two and he fully supports you, loves your Naildesigns and is just totally enthusiastic if your Nailart looks amazing (which it always does!)! SO SWEET!

  7. Your voice is sooo relaxing, and your videos are therapeutic to me! Lol I just recently started doing my own nails, and I’ve saved so much money, and learned so much from you. Thanks for sharing your skills! 🤗♥️

  8. I really LOVE the contrast between matte and chromes, but had not considered any other matte color besides black. Thanks for keeping on with the mind-opening ideas!

  9. The main reason for make them matte (and thank you cause i was confused) is that the chrome as you said sticks in shiny surfaces even if they are not it would chrome all the nail not only the heart 😍

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