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Description :
The talk takes you through a journey of experiences of a calligrapher who somehow derives his emotion from “Akshar”. As he mentions in the talk, his art of ‘beautiful handwriting’ is as serene as meditation to him.
Revolving around the involvement of Calligraphy in day-to-day life, the speaker unfolds how it all started in first place and how after knowing all scripts around the world, he still feels a special connection to his indigenous script. He portrays how he, even after so many years of practicing his passion, still don’t know where and how his stroke will end and what emotions will his form bring out. Talking about how he loves the uncertainty in every stroke, he explains how ink reacts with canvas is a combination of various factors.
Further along the talk, he becomes more interactive and takes audience by surprise. He asks for initials of audience members in Devanagari Script and let them loose of his canvas board. He explores how the Devanagari Script could expand various fields.
The talk ends with by a final piece on a large canvas by Nikheel Aphale.
Nikheel Aphale is a calligrapher based in Noida who has designed many book covers for leading publishers from India using calligraphy and handwriting. His calligraphy practice primarily emphasizes on the abstraction of letterforms, which further gets translated into different mediums, be it paintings, logos or products. Nikheel religiously collects matchboxes, vintage stuff, plain-notebooks. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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