Download Video Easy and Simple Paper Presentation with Calligraphy 2020 | Urdu Paper presentation in BOARD EXAMS

This is video new Easy and Simple Paper Presentation with Calligraphy 2020 | Urdu Paper presentation in BOARD EXAMS. you can see the video :

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Description :
Urdu paper presentation for matric – paper presentation in board exams | handwriting | calligraphy
Calligraphy Paper Presentation in Boards Exams
Paper in Writing for 9th and 10th –
Fsc Papers
Urdu Paper Writing

-Master Alqam Marker 604 , 605
-Paper Sheet
-Scale 6 inch and 12 inch

We all know how to write Urdu . But i will try to communicate you that how to write Urdu in good handwriting, Although I am not a professional Calligrapher, I m teacher and Graphics Designer by profession. Calligraphy is just my habit. I hope my videos will be helpful for the students and other people who are fond of Calligraphy.

Urdu Lesson 1

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Easy and Simple Paper Presentation with Calligraphy
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