Download Video Explaining and practicing Chinese calligraphy, some think it asmr, 28:27 first brush stroke

Silahkan download gambar kaligrafi di blog ini dengan cara klik kanan, lalu pilih save gambar.

Bila anda menggunakan smartphone, silahkan tekan lama pada gambar, lalu pilih save gambar.

Selamat melanjutkan kegiatan anda berselancar di internet unk mencari gambar kaligrafi, jual beli online, mencari info peluang usaha, mencari baju batik, jual beli baju hamil dllThis is video new Explaining and practicing Chinese calligraphy, some think it asmr, 28:27 first brush stroke. you can see the video :

video tutorial kaligrafi
video calligraphy

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Description :
Here is the art print:
Here are the cards: are the calligraphy books:
Here are the set calligraphy brushes:
Lensgo LENSGO LWM-DMM1 phone and camera Microphone

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  1. Its good. Bot everybody is perfect. I dont care about ur calligraphy skill. Atleast you can do it. Shouldnt bring yourself down because of that even when your knew too it or dont do it. I have been writing with pencils for more than 6 years and my handwriting is still really terrible. Not everyone is born perfect its ok if your not bad at something

  2. I was getting comfy to watch this until you became so hard on yourself
    …I dont understand that..enjoy what you do and never feel you owe any explanation….simple

  3. I love your hair. I hope you are doing ok with all the fires. I have been asked to do some bamboo for my daughters bathroom, and I am just amateur now that I need it to look good and not just practicing. I need to practice more…. thank you, love and kittens.

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