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Description :
One of the best ways to improve your calligraphy right away is by using guidelines! That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you in this tutorial.

Not using guidelines is one of the most common obstacles for calligraphy beginners in improving your skills. In fact, when I was just getting started, I completely neglected the importance of guidelines. Only once I started implementing them in my practice did I realize how much I was actually missing out.

Calligraphy guidelines don’t just help you determine the sizes and proportions of your letterforms. They also help you keep your letters nice and consistent.

👉 Here is a quick overview of the contents of this tutorial –

1. Intro – (00:00)
2. What are calligraphy guidelines, and why do you need them? – (00:54)
3. What tools do you need to draw calligraphy guidelines? – (02:32)
4. The anatomy (terminology) of calligraphy guidelines – (03:27)
5. How to draw calligraphy guidelines (with examples) – (04:58)
6. Quick sum up + Final words – (09:31)

I also wrote an article where I cover this topic more in-depth, and I also share some additional tips on how to streamline the process of creating guidelines (so you don’t have to always create them from scratch).

Here is the link –


✍️ Tools & Materials used in this video (all link to Amazon) –

1. Pen – Tombow Fudenosuke (soft tip) –
2. Staedtler Mechanical Pencil –
3. The Rolling Ruler ❤️ –
4. Canson Marker paper –
5. HP Premium 32 –

Once you understand how to create guidelines, you will realize how helpful and beneficial they are for your skill development.

If you have any questions about this video, please feel free to drop a comment below if something is not clear. I am happy to help, and I always reply to every comment. The same goes for ideas & suggestions for future videos/tutorials you would like to see on this channel.

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