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Description :
Hi all,

This is Phoenix Artworld.
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In this video I’ve shared tutorial on how to write calligraphy of لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله in malayalam

I have shared many simple techniques to get better calligraphy. Many tips and tricks has been told in the video. Every steps is explained in Malayalam.

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Arabic letters tutorial on Naskh script

👇🏼Naskh script : arabic calligraphy:

How to write arabic letters calligraphy
👇🏼Thuluth script : arabic calligraphy:

The paper used
Aher paper

How to make Qalam pen👇🏼

How to make Qalam ( without bamboo)
(ice cream stick)

Credits of music
Turkish instruments
Composer of the music is unknown
(happy to give credit)

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