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Description :
In this video, I’m sharing all my favorite books for getting started with calligraphy and hand lettering. Links to each book are below!


Books mentioned in this video:

✔️Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe:
✔️Mastering Hand Lettering by Mye De Leon:
✔️The Big Awesome Book of Hand and Chalk Lettering by Dina Rodrigues:
✔️The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering by Val McKeehan:
✔️Extraordinary Hand Lettering by Doris Wai:
✔️My Calligraphy Workbooks:

*The links above may be affiliate links where appropriate. This means that your purchase through these links may result in a few cents in payment to me, to support creating further resources like this one! That being said, I will never suggest supplies that I do not personally use and fully recommend.


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  1. Hey.. finding your channel was the best thing ever happened to me..!!!☺️I have learnt mostely by those asmr videos..😅😛thanks for these videos they have been helpful to me as an intermediate..I would really appreciate if you would a video for on how to draw cute little flowers they draw in their brush calligraphies..or doodle flowers..

  2. Aside from the fact that I am a great fan of your channel, I have an odd question… what is the name of the song/artist you play at the end of your video? Thank you!

  3. Ahhhhhh thank you for this! I’ve seen some of these books before but I definitely like the look of all of them. I especially like the idea of Doris’s book. I Letter/ Calligraphy on Slate, I use Posca. And I’m looking at getting into doing chalkboards and windows so her book sound amazing!

  4. That is an amazingly beautiful ring you're wearing on your right hand. Looks like someone loves you a lot…a fact that makes me happy for you both. I'm 74, and I hope you won't mind if I share something I've learned during my life. I hope it will be helpful. After my wife died 8 years ago (after 41 years of marriage), it occurred to me that when someone agrees to spend almost their entire adult life with you, they're paying you an extraordinary compliment. It's almost incomprehensibly profound. The more I thought about that, the more humbling and deeply significant it seemed. An entire lifetime together. Till death do us part and for better (the easy part) and for worse (the hard part)…THAT is a really, really, really big promise. Marriage is not only the most important commitment one person can make to another, it's also a wonderful adventure. I wish you both a long, long super happy life together. That's an easy thing for me to wish for, because I'm certain it will come to pass. Enjoy the ride!!!

  5. Thank you for the awesome list of books, Becca! It’s great to hear and see where you get your inspiration from. I already have “Mastering Hand Lettering” and love it! I’m going to put the other books on my wish list. I do have all of your workbooks and have gone through your courses a couple of times. Both your books and videos are awesome!! Thanks for all you do in making modern calligraphy fun!

  6. Yeah, that was the searched justification: the big awesome book of hand- and chalk lettering is on my wish list for sooo long now! Thanks a lot!!! 😂

  7. OMG! – My husband just bought this entire library for me as a "Mother's Day-Part 2" gift! One of the BEST presents I've ever gotten. I still love physical books and these new additions will take their place among my most treasured tomes. Thank you, Becca, for inspiring me (and my husband) every day. You have helped make these trying times not just tolerable, but pleasurable and creative. Take good care and stay healthy, Cheryl

  8. Becca, this is invaluable! Thank you so, SO much for your generosity in continuously sharing what you know, and for teaching it to us all in a way that is easy to understand.

  9. Thank you so much for shedding light on those that have influenced YOU as you've influenced so many. It's very admirable and wonderful to learn where people get their inspiration from. This is a random/weird question: can you share how you get the top-view angle?

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