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Description :
This is the brand new Zebra Mildliner Brush Pen review! I had to try these brush pens for hand lettering and modern calligraphy to see how well they do. I don’t use highlighters as much so I was excited about the brush tip. All of the links I mentioned are below. #brushlettering #handlettering #brushpenreview

Hand Lettering for Beginners Workbook:

3 Best Brush Pens for Beginners:
Rainbow Watercolor Background:

Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens (from Zebra):
Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens (from 3rd party):
Zebra Mildliner Highlighters:
HP Premium 32 Paper:
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Hand Lettering Worksheets and workbooks:

Hand Lettering for Beginners course:

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My favorite hand lettering supplies on Amazon:
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  1. Bro is it just me or do the ink run out really quickly? I mean I bought mine in November and its started running out in December, but I thought ot was just me cuz i kind of use it alot. But that was until my friends bought one and it ran out in just 3 weeks even though she doesn’t use it that often.

  2. I've used these brush pens for over half a year now and I have to say they are amazing!

    The fine tip hasn't frayed at all (pleasantly surprised bc the tip of the highlighters frays really quickly) and the brush tip hasn't either even though I use it on all sorts of paper. Sound is noticeable at the start but after a while you barely notice it 🙂 Definitely recommended if you like using mildliners, the colours are spot on. Also good for beginners, v easy to use.

    Just really hope they make brush pens for the other 2 packs they've released since the colours are just gorgeous!

  3. 00:00 I have the pack on the furtherst to the left. I really like the blue and green, but the rest are a bit too neon for me although they say they're all pastel colours.
    Btw I absolutely love you and your calligraphy! Recently got some new brush pens (set of 24) and the water bending pen doesn't work properly because the water (when you squeeze the body for the water to come out) will come out o the brush tip but also all out the body. It's as tight as it can be and now I can't even unscrew it because it's so tight. So annoying and sad, Ive wanted a watercolour blender brush pen for ages 😂😫.

  4. I want the darker color set! I feel a bit uneasy with pastels not because I don’t like them , I actually love them but for photos they don’t show as well 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I have the gray chisel/fine tip highlighter and the fine tip frayed after a year, but the worst part is the ink turns from gray to faint greenish gray over a month or two. Maybe it's the paper I used (store bought calendars) but it's gross and annoying.

  6. I find the pink of the brush pen is a lot prettier than the one of the high lighters, I actually have the pink mildliners highlighter and it's much more fluorescent and doesn't show up as nice

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