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Is this the best handwriting with a ballpoint pen you ever seen?

Satisfying Handwriting Video Compilation The Best Handwriting Calligraphy #3 x Allan Visses


Satisfying Handwriting Video Compilation (The Best Handwriting Calligraphy) –

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  1. 😱😍😱😍😱. OMGOSH I absolutely love the way you write, I truly wish I could write like this with only a ballpoint pen too 😱 It’s absolutely amazing. I’m signed up to Skillshare so I just have got to go and check out your vids on there too.

  2. I have tried to apply various pressure on different ball pens, from the cheapest BIC, up to my Montblanc with original refill. My thin and thick lines are not nearly as definitive as yours. Now I realize that I lack calligraphy skills in terms of beautiful handwriting. But I can tell if I am applying pressure or not, in order to be able to see the difference in thickness of lines. Whereas in your videos not only does it look beautiful, but it is also amazing how different thickness is! How? What god's powers are there in your hands and pens? Bravo

  3. This is really impressive. When I was learning "real writing" in 50' and 60's ballpoint pens were really frowned on by the teachers and we were only allowed to use them for "rough work" note taking. All work had to be submitted in fountain pen or dip pen. Coming back to practising handwriting in last few years I have found that you can indeed write with some finesse and line variation using ballpoints. I particularly like using Pilot and Pentel oil based pens – if you can find them! But your writing is pretty amazing. I sense a new handwriting movement coming on as we all get tired of impersonal keyboards. Thanks so much.

  4. Being a pen snob I tend to look down on ball point "ink sticks". While I prefer Zebra's Sarasa rollerball refills for their nearly instant dry times and range of tip sizes: I do own one ball point. The Pentel R.S.V.P. cheap and the smoothest ink stick I have used. Color saturation is good and it doesn't smudge too much. The only complaint is it isnt in a click top but instead has a cap.

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