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Description :

Update 2.3 has started rolling out for the Remarkable Paper Tablet platforms, and this time we get a brand new brush tool! The Calligraphy Pen 🙂 Let’s check it out.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Update 2.3 Features Overview
13:47 – Conclusion

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  1. These kinds of devices could literally transition schools to completely paperless, but for 460 euros … yeah I'll wait for the 100 euro Chinese version in a few years.

  2. Customer support seems not their strength.
    I tried to purchase the rM2 but I got an error message – I contacted the support three times.
    Never got an answer… great sense of business.

  3. I'm so happy I went with a Surface Pro. It's a joke how expensive the remarkable 2 is for what it does.

    Yeah.. the writing experience but that's it.

  4. Hmmm….I wonder where they got the idea people really really wanted THESE updates…as opposed to all the stuff you mentioned clearly in your reviews that are lacking, and all the comments people make about better software functionality.

  5. "The new brush is actually nice" looked very pixolated (or feathered as you'd usually say) at the zoom level. When exported, is it exported with vectors, so it can be rendered smooth? Or is it exported smooth already perhaps?
    Thanks for the update, would have missed it!

  6. Very nice! I ended up getting a regular tablet for my writing needs, but I'm glad to see they're adding new things to make it more enjoyable. I really like the calligraphy pen. I would totally use that all the time (I do use it on my tablet but the remarkable has a more visually pleasing appearance). And the music templates are also quite nice.

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