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Description :
I got this set because it was selling at an attractive price at a local art store here in Singapore called Overjoyed ( )

Text review:

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Video Duration : 00:09:05
Video Time : 1500292805
Video Date : 2017-07-17 12:00:05
Author : Teoh Yi Chie

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  1. HEY GUYSSS HELPPP!! So I’m a total noob at dip pens but I want to try it out for a change. The problem is that I can’t understand how to use the pen with running out of ink in 2 seconds. I don’t know why the pen isn’t holding ink… please help ;-; thank you for reading

  2. From what I see, the "empire" nib is actually the best one for you to start with for english style lettering ; even if you don't like it at the first try ! You have to train a lot to master the thickness of the line but it's normal : it's not easy at all !

  3. Do not buy dip pens unless you get the right paper for it. When I started I almost gave up this amazing art form because I didn’t know it only works with the right kind of paper. Thank goodness I stuck to it because it really is a beautiful art form that brings much peace and joy.

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