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Description :
Super Satisfying Japanese Calligraphy Compilation x Shun Kei

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  1. to all those who say it isn't Japanese, it is a formal form of writing used in different parts of Asia, in japan it is called kanji, and the Japanese your used to seeing is katakana and heragana.

  2. Excelent work with the japanese calligraphy used in this video, and for some of the japanese kanji used in this video

    Also, for everyone saying this is chinese, this is meant to be Japanese Kanji (漢字), the Japanese writing system that involves borrowing chinese characters with Japanese pronounciations. Sure one of you may rage in the reply section of this comment that it is chinese, but it is actually meant to be Japanese (It's even in the damn title). As a young learner of Japanese, there are some kanji that are different in japan than in china, some are the same, and some are characters that don't exist in the chinese language, but instead the japanese made some of the kanji using the logic of writing kanji (the keyword is some ).

    And sure Japanese is entirely based off of chinese, but this includes the two syllibary alphabets, Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ), and every kanji also has a hiragana writing, which shows how to pronounce the kanji. In japanese media, you will often see the hiragana pronounciation right next to a kanji character in a smaller font, which is called furigana (ふりがな).

  3. I really enjoy watching this and the pens are so cool! makes me want to look into buying my own set lol

    I enjoyed the fact that there were no talking, dope tunes, awesome oddly satisfying things for my eyeballs definitely got a sub from me c:

  4. What was used when making these? Is there a specific link I can get to obtain this type of brush pen? All the types of brush pens I can find don't have multiple individual strands but just one (usually rather stiff) nylon tip.

  5. Clarification time! I am Chinese, meaning, I can read and write these. Now I know not everyone can write these but I can so please don’t comment. Anyways. These are chinese characters but also they are kanji, a Japanese writing type. Kanji was borrowed from chinese so. Therefor it’s called chinese

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for making this!
    I'm currently learning Japanese at school and I'm horrible at the writing part of it!

  7. I can tell it's not exactly Chinese. Sure they're Chinese words, that's why I can read them, but some of the words are written differently from the way us Chinese writes, so I think they're actually Chinese characters in Japanese, written by the hands of a Japanese.

  8. It bugs me how the stroke order for the "fish" particle is wrong. I guess Japanese people just do it differently. Regardless, the characters are beautifully written.

  9. I’m Japanese and Chinese, Japanese uses some Chinese words sooooo……….you can disagree but that’s all I can say. こにちわ、你好

  10. To clarify:

    Kanji was borrowed from China, and therefore the characters will be identical to each other.
    However, both the Chinese and Japanese languages have undergone separate simplifications to reduce the number of strokes, which means that some also look different from each other

    We have:
    Traditional hanzi (繁體字)
    Simplified hanzi (简体字)
    Simplified kanji ( 新字体)

    Unsimplified characters will look the same, whereas the simplified ones will look different in most cases
    Example of a character that looks different:

    Traditional hanzi – 廣
    Simplified kanji – 広
    Simplified hanzi – 广

    It is the same character, but it looks different across the board
    Example of a character that looks the same:

    Traditional hanzi – 界
    Simplified hanzi – 界
    Simplified kanji – 界

    There are also characters that were created in Japan and don't exist outside of the Japanese language, and these are called 国字.

    One obvious example is 働 (work)


    Other differences include: Pronounciations, meanings, and writing styles

  11. yall people saying this is chinese, its actually KANJI, one of JAPANS 3 writing systems. they use syllabry as well as the concept chinese uses, IDEAS. i hope you are informed. Have a nice day!

  12. It is a series of Chinese characters written in a Japanese style. Japanese uses Chinese characters as well as a syllabary system. If the artist would have written complete phrases, that would have been clearer. Wonderful work with great brush pen control!

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