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Description :
Adding on to my medieval calligraphy tutorial series, we’re learning one of my absolute favorite styles. If you’d like to join me in the fascinating research of historical scripts, check out the sources listed below!

Primary Sources:
– Codex Bobiensis Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria
– Codex Corbeiensis secundus Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France
– Codex Carnotensis Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France
– Codex Valerianus – Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
– Codex Harleianus, British Library
– Codex Argenteus, Uppsala University Library
– Codex Brixianus, Biblioteca Civica Queriniana
– Scripture Interpreted by Philo of Alexandria (papyrus manuscript fragment), Bodleian Library, Oxford
– Missal (parchment manuscript fragment), National Library of Wales
– “The City of God” by St. Augustine of Hippo, Documenta Catholica Omnia

Secondary Sources:
– “The Book of Bibles” by Taschen Bibliotheca Universalis
– “Calligraphy: A Comprehensive Guide to Beautiful Lettering” by Jane Sullivan
– “Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique” by Marc Drogin

If you’d like to make this ink yourself, I highly recommend The Mazi for the oakgalls I use to make mine:
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  1. I'd love to watch a video in which you show the beneventana calligraphy. I think that is a very particular, elegant, difficult and important type of writing from medieval southern Italy. I personally love it for the elegant look it gives to the page and the stylish connections between letters. I wish to see this writing been showed because it's almost forgotten, expecially in Italy, where many calligraphers even don't know of it's existance. Thank you if you read this and know i love your calligraphy tutorials.

  2. Would you consider to make a video on The Book of Kells and/or half insular uncial? I would like to learn more about that.

    I loved this video and look forward for more!

  3. That was absolutely brilliant. Thankyou. I am so intersted in the historical aspect of these alphabets and you satisfied that. 🙂

  4. Awesome!! A masterclass. Laughed at the arthritis comment! So true, right? Great history background, which totally gives the genre context. I also noticed some production upgrades that enhanced the viewing experience. And you make the calligraphy itself look so freaking easy. ¡BRAVO!

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