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Description :
Ever wondered which paper is the best for calligraphy? If you’re worried about ruining your brush pens by choosing the wrong paper, then this video is for you.

You’ll learn:

✔️The 3 rules you should follow when buying paper
✔️My favorite papers for practicing
✔️The best paper for brush calligraphy
✔️Which specialty papers are worth splurging on


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Tools mentioned in this video:

✔️Canson Marker Paper:
✔️Strathmore Tracing Paper:
✔️Rhodia Grid Paper:
✔️Rhodia Blank Paper Notepad:
✔️Strathmore Bristol Paper:
✔️Arches Watercolor Paper:
✔️Tombow Mono Sand Eraser:


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Welcome to my channel! I’m Becca and I do & teach modern calligraphy. On this channel, you’ll find all my most requested modern calligraphy tutorials, tips & tricks!.

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  1. Every time I think of buying a notepad, I think of Rhodia, check and compare prices, then buy a cheaper notepad. For what I do, it doesn’t really matter. So, why spend extra?

  2. Becca, I have gathered so many things from you. Each video is really great and very informative. Now, inspired from your channel, I have created my own channel and getting success. I am really grateful to you. Keep up the good work like always.

  3. Hey Becca love and respect from Pakistan….
    Please guide me where can I found vedio that help me to improve my hand writing specially cursive….
    Waiting for response

  4. Thanks for the tips Becca! I have a question here, have you come across any situation where the tip of a new brush pen turned out overly soft and mushy? I bought a small pack of Sakura Koi brush pens online recently – Unfortunately two of the pen nibs appear "swollen". Do you have any recommendation on how I can fix that? Thanks!

  5. Well I haven't tried the recommended monosand eraser yet, but the comments make sense. Thank you Becca, for covering a great topic once again in your usual style. Wish I could write like you!

  6. I see a lot of recommendations for the HP premium 32 paper for printing the courses on. I print a lot and have used paper that I thought was good but would like to know how is this paper different? Is it thick and smooth? Is it thinner and smooth? I actually prefer a thicker paper but if thinner is better than I'd like a good quality.

  7. Appreciate the support, Becca! Tried the Rhodia paper strathmore tracing paper and HP premium laser jet the tips make plenty of sense! Sometimes sketching and faux calligraphy helps!!

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