Download Video Why is the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy the new KING of luxury SUVs?

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The Palisade has been a home run for Hyundai and now they are ready to raise the bar even further with the Calligraphy. Under the hood is a 3.8L V6 291HP & mated to an 8-speed automatic. Power is delivered to the ground through Hyundai’s H TRAC AWD system. The exterior of the Palisade Calligraphy has a more luxurious exterior with bright finishes, custom grill, and unique wheels. On the inside the luxury continues with fine Nappa leather, upscale finishes and a 12in virtual gauge display. Why is the 2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy the new KING of luxury SUVs?
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  1. just sold our 2020 telluride was way to small waited 6 months for the telluride to be delivered and finally got it and my husband wanted a truck again!!! omg!! new truck telluride gone in 20 minutes sold.

  2. I just drove one of these today, and while the interior looks great, I found the highway noise to be far louder than my Acura MDX (which I consider loud) and the right wasn’t as smooth as the reviews made it sound. The Palisade does offer a really good value for under $50k, but I was very disappointed with my test drive. I am eager to try the Genesis GV80 when it arrives, but right now I absolutely love the 2021 BMW X5 with it’s air suspension (which cost almost double the Palisade and doesn’t have a usable 3rd row).

  3. Man i want one so bad but they just went up on price! The car industry is really making it hard on hard working blue collar workers to buy what they want. I don't want a 72 month or 84 month loan. I shouldn't have to. Even hyundai is making it harder and thats one reason I like them was because of their prices but they are getting just as bad as toyota….I wish dealerships had a loyalty program for returning customers like getting some kind of percentage off of new vehicles rather than just small rebates. Its getting atrocious out there

  4. I saw the Hyundai sales report for 2019 vs 2020 YTD. Last year 2019 Jan through September Hyundai sold 13,457 Palisades, this year for same time period Jan-Sept 2020, they sold 60,583, a 4x increase AND in the middle of a Pandemic. This is from Hyundai's own monthly sales document.

    Raiti you can look up sales reports for every car model before you review it to see how well it's doing, especially for the Japanese and Korean car segment. Hyundai is killing it with the Palisade as that is the only model to see such a huge increase in sales. It actually cut into the sales of the Santa Fe which have slightly dropped vs Last Year YTD.

  5. MR. Joe Raiti AKA ZONKMAN! My name is Luis Urbieta & my question is, Even though there's 0 perfect cars what'll happen if everything was all perfect? If car manufacturers had gotte an A on everything?

  6. Great review … I'd be inclined to get the limited in white. I live just down the road from Fitzgerald Auto Mall … I will never understand why people would want a black car in Florida. I saw a gecko caring a canteen in the background during his video! I love the Palisade!

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