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Description :
Many Karate masters from Okinawa are experts at calligraphy.

Why? Because the 3 steps of mastery are identical in Sho-Do (Japanese calligraphy) and the art of Karate-Do.

Most people know these stages as Shu Ha Ri, and in this video they are illustrated by three forms of writing: Kaisho, Gyosho and Sosho. These Chinese scripts are examples of how you develop as a martial artist. From stiff and rule-bound techniques, to fluid and creative principles.

If you’ve ever wondered how Karate experts and grandmasters achieve mastery, watch this video!

Deep bow to Sensei Dan Bernardo, The Martial Calligrapher, for providing masterfully brushed “te” (hand) calligraphy exclusively for this video. Visit his website at and use the offer code ”karatenerd” for 10% off your order.

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WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a health professional before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

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  1. Nobody provides content like you, Sensei Enkamp. I enjoy the learning, the videos are entertaining and they serve to build unity amongst styles instead of division. Thank you! 👍

  2. Thank you so much Dear Jessie for this very important explanation! It's remind me my Sensei's words…
    He told me if you want to progress in Karate keep 4 things in mind
    1. Learn The Rules
    2. Follow The Rules
    3. Break The Rules
    4. Make The Rules!!!
    I just strike again my Sensei's teachings after watching this episode… Thanks a Bunch once again
    With love from India 💐👍👊👍

  3. I only know English is not your first language while i came across Oliver profile and realized that he is from Sweden . Haha. Your English is fine. No one care about such a small mistake

  4. Your last "sosho" display of Naifanchi was a brilliant example of what you're describing. It reminded me of Oyata sensei's late-in-life iterations of his kata, or Hokama sensei's personal kata practice. Only Oyata sensei would have less hip whipping, but that's a stylistic difference.

  5. You’re have a great point, it reminds me that martial art is more than a fighting style and it’s a form of art. Both martial artist and artists spend their time honing their craft for years and it can help them mentally, thank you for this video Sensei

  6. No, karate as in all arts is like a symphony with the tempo slowing and picking up as well as becoming energetic and then calm, like the rising, falling and shifting of the sea. Be like the water, grasshopper, and move with the forces, untouched yet touches all.

  7. Fascinating! I'm currently learning to write Korean Hangeul & it seems the same applies. There is a "by the book" method, a sort of "semi-cursive" style, & then the almost "shorthand" which expresses the meaning without any of the rigidity of the form. You've given me much to contemplate. Thank you! arigato gozaimasu/kamsa hamnida!

  8. You appeared in my youtube recomendation a week ago, and damn I love what you're doing, you nearly make me regreat having stoped karate when I was a kid 🙁
    Hopefully in my town there is an okinawan karate master that teaches both kobudo and shotokan. Gonna try it in september ! (also gonna try Shaolin 😶)

    Thank you for everything sensei !
    Regards from a french new subscriber.

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