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video calligraphy

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  1. It's funny over the last couple of weeks I've been considering buying a light box: inorder to help me write straight on a blank sheet of paper – I tend to use French ruled paper to help with my handwriting, I will give it a go I hope it works out well. Theres something endearing about words, sentences on a blank page.

  2. Thank you so much. This video was super informative & full of good ideas I have not encountered before. Also, I love the calligraphy you share on Instagram. Many thanks for all you offer the community.

  3. Hi Shinah! 👋 Love this extremely helpful video! ❤️

    If money was no object (. . . don’t we wish! But for the sake of hypothetical discussion . . .) would you continue to recommend the light pad you in this video and/or the one you currently endorse on Amazon (if not the same)? Or are there any others on the market that you’d immediately reach for?

    I have read a few debates over re-chargeable light pads (to rid the nuisance for needing an electrical outlet 💯 of the time). Then there are pros and cons to some that reduce eye strain, etc.

    I have seen some calligraphers swear by the Cricut pad, but it seems unreasonably overpriced and more popular in the crafting & “weeding” communities.

    As a 💯 newbie to this art form, with a desire to use various card stock for quotes, poems, etc, but truly need the assistance of guidelines or even for those occasions when you want to work from a project that you have created in pencil on draft paper first, what might you suggest as the one-and-only light pad a calligrapher would appreciate?And hopefully could remain a long-term investment (never having to upgrade, pipe-dream, I know)? 😉 Thank you again!🙏

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